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The Evolution of the Abaya

June 18th, 2019 at 03:23 am

Abaya, the formal style of Islamic wear for women that has been the regular style from years. Black is the regular colour that you will find to see this Abaya wear more in. Not just in the Arab countries but in many of the countries women look more in this Black abaya style.

For the last few years also fashion for women in the Islamic world is the formal Abaya wear only but this got changed highly for them in the last few years. From a normal style to the well designed and the collection that is known to add in the fashion week, it has changed on a great note.

Even the normal style of Abaya came up in a unique style with a lot of colours, patterns, designs & more. The Abaya coats, long maxi styles and a lot more added to the store to buy abaya fashion that too in the budget.

The flattering style, perfect length, great colour combination, sleeves, a material made with and many other things people consider while choosing the best Abaya style. Many designers got n umber of designer Abaya styles that Islamic women now love to wear, available in different colours.

If you are travelling to a place in Dubai or anywhere in the Middle East then do shop the best collection you will find in the local stores, souks, malls, street stores and others. Even if you wish to shop from the online stores then you have great options to buy.

The stores like Souq, Noon, Namshi, Elebelz and many other fashion stores are there which are offering an exclusive collection of fashion to buy at most reasonable prices. You can easily choose any sort of style from the store and buy them in the best price using offers from the stores with Max fashion promo codes.

If you wish to buy then go ahead & buy @ https://www.rezeem.com

Which Middle East Fashion Stores Offer Affordable Shopping

August 24th, 2018 at 03:36 am

The Middle East is the known place for shopping in which Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other places are mostly known for the shopping. We might have many other tourist attraction over there but people in the Middle East mostly speak about shopping in the Middle East. The next thing is to get fashion in the affordable range where people spend a minimum amount on buying particular products. This min purchase rate changes everytime we see the new collection and we can't expect the same discount other time so what we have to do for getting utmost on shopping online?

There are plenty of online fashion stores in the Middle East that are not only listing the latest collection in the portals buy is also leading in the way of getting the best fashion at most reasonable prices. Let's check some of those stores.


Ounass is a fashion portal with the international fashion collection and covering over 250 brands and designs all at one place. With a moto of getting every new design from top rated designers and listing those luxury new look design collection at the portal, Ounass set that fashion collection in front for every fashion lover.

Ounass unique design collection encourages people to find the most suitable one for them from the largest collection in best price. The timely offers that Ounass get for people at the store help shoppers to find the right one in budget everytime.

Shoppers can check the new offers directly at official portal of Ounass or else can even check for all Ounass offers at one place in a coupons website like Rezeem.

Latest Offer: 77% Off on Fashion Collection

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2. Namshi

For the Middle Eastern shoppers, Namshi is a one famous retail fashion store that fulfils each and every desire of shoppers with an extensive range of fashion collection starting from men, women and kids fashion collection to lifestyle, beauty & grooming and more are listed at the store to provide all at one place.

Namshi store branded collection do come up with various fashion collection along with that users find to see different fashion offers all at one place. Namshi coupons, offers that it list for users saves a good amount on their purchases.

Namshi Latest Offer: 55% Off on Fashion Collection

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3. Elabelz

Elabelz store gets that outstanding collection of fashion and finds an unknown and new collection for fashion lovers. Fashion at this fashion store is more interesting for fashion addicts. Checking through 500+ brands and new designs, shoppers will definitely enjoy their shopping time in the site.

This Middle East based online travel store is offering the best discounts on listed fashion collection at regular intervals. Elabelz coupons, offers are the best ways to save utmost on Women, Men and Kids fashion anytime.

Latest Elabelz Offers: 80% Off on Fashion Collection

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